By now you should have:

1. Completed our cyber security Q&A course and awareness training to understand how much you know about online and computer security. 

2. Reviewed our in-depth training opportunities to learn more about cyber security. 

On this page, you’ll find free security guides and links to additional online resources and news we think you should read.  These downloadable PDFs were developed specifically by SBDC to help you keep your small business safe. They aren’t a guarantee of safety, but they provide valuable knowledge every business can benefit from.

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Evaluate your readiness and learn what the best tools for your business are. 

Downloadable Action Plans

Links to additional resources

Small Business Administration


The SBA website contains a number of additional resources related to Cyber Security and your small business.

The National Cyber Security Alliance


The NCSA developed a valuable Cyber Security site with questions and additional resources.

Anti-Phishing Working Group


The Anti-Phishing Working Group reports cyber crimes that involve social engineering via email, chat or other channels.


A partnership between the National Cyber Security Alliance and Anti-Phishing Working Group. The Stop Think Connect campaign is to a great education and awareness resource about cyber crimes. They also have a free resource guide available at a standalone site.

US Computer Emergency Readiness Team


US CERT created a Cyber Resilience Review Self Assessment that aligns with NIST Cybersecurity recommendations. It’s thorough and contains very advanced information about cyber security. The US CERT also has Small Business resources and education materials available.

Center for Internet Security 


The Center for Internet Security runs the Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center, a cyber security operations center providing real-time network monitoring, early cyber threat warnings and advisories, vulnerability identification and mitigation and incident response.


National Institute of Standards & Technology


The NIST developed a CyberSecurity Framework in response to the Presidential Executive Order that recommends improving infrastructure and security in the US.



Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 


The FCC developed a Cyber Security site with tips geared towards small businesses including a planning tool to help you create a custom security plan for your business.