Kronos payroll attack

January 18, 2022 - 2 minutes read

Last month we wrote about the Kronos payroll attack and here we are writing about it again. The Kronos ransomware is still a persistent threat to small businesses. NPR is reporting that millions of people are still being impacted, despite Kronos being identified last month.

What you can do

As we wrote last month, it is important to plan for events like these before they impact your small business. The first step is ensuring you have addressed payroll issues in your business continuity plan. This is a non-technical item task that helps ensure paying your employees as on time as possible. Business continuity plans can play a vital role, ensuring you are prepared for any possible interruption of services. Interruptions can be anything from payroll, to no internet, to a fire, or even a winter storm. Planning for these scenarios ahead of time can and will save you time and money when an incident like this happens.

Further steps

If you use a payroll provider, check with them to make sure they are using the latest cybersecurity solutions. Ask them what steps they are taking to minimize this from happening to your small business. Also ask them what they can and will do if you are impacted. This allows you to know their time frame for fixes if something goes wrong.

If you are impacted

If you find out you are impacted, it is important to not panic. This is why you have your business continuity plan. If you do not have one, work with your payroll provider to create a timeline to better gauge what your next steps will need to be. You may also be able to work with them to remediate your payroll. Also work with your financial advisors or team to discuss payroll alternatives. Lastly, be open and honest with your staff. Reassure them you are doing everything you can to make payroll as soon as possible.

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