Wrap Up Cybersecurity Awareness Month

November 2, 2021 - 2 minutes read

As November starts let’s take a moment to wrap up cybersecurity awareness month! Every year in October we celebrate cybersecurity and talk about its importance to all of our small businesses. All of October we focused on four different and important cybersecurity topics:

Be Cyber Smart

This topic focused on following the basics of cybersecurity. When starting your cybersecurity journey with your small business, understanding and implementing the basics is a great way to kick things off. Implementing the basics can start to build the foundation needed to properly secure your data and accounts.

Fight the Phish

As phishing emails are still one of the top methods used by cyber criminals to gain access to your accounts and devices it is only right we focused on phishing emails. Employees have gotten really good at detecting most phishing emails, but all it takes is one to accidentally or unknowingly click on a malicious link or attachment. Training is a key part in continuing the efforts to minimize phishing as a threat to your small business.

Explore. Experience. Share.

Thinking of joining the cybersecurity workforce? You totally should! This week we talked about the importance of sharing our own experiences in cybersecurity and to introduce all the many different kinds of roles there are in cybersecurity. It is a constantly evolving profession with many opportunities and roles.

Cybersecurity First

Lastly we wrote about making cybersecurity first, meaning it should not be an afterthought. This means making cybersecurity part of your small business’s culture, putting it into everything you do, creating new cybersecurity habits, and really making it a focus of your small business so you can excel at protecting your data, accounts, and customers!

Thank you again for joining us all month long in October for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. For more information on cybersecurity and your small business check out Small Business, Big Threat!