Cyber secure your smartphone, part two

June 22, 2021 - 2 minutes read

Last week we spoke on the importance of cyber securing your smartphone, this week we are revisiting this topic with cyber secure your smartphone, part two!

The sequel to the original

We previously focused more on things individuals can do to cyber secure their smartphones, this week we are going to focus more on what small businesses can do to deploy solutions that allow them more in depth cybersecurity.

Many names to cyber secure your smartphone, part two

There are many names used to describe these solutions: mobile device management, endpoint management, unified endpoint management, etc., and there will be some differences among these products. These solutions though, will give you greater insight and more control over your devices. One of the most important aspects of cybersecurity is insight into your devices and networks.

Their role in securing your smartphone

As a small business, you own your data and you allow your employees to access this data. In many cases they access this data on company owned computers and sometimes on company owned smartphones. Often though, small businesses will allow their employees to also access this data on personally owned devices, sometimes unknown to the business.

This is where endpoint management comes into play. These solutions allow you to better control who has access to your data and to institute minimum device cybersecurity requirements to access the data. They also add extra layers of protection by minimizing the risk of malicious downloads and links. Most of these solutions will allow you to create user profiles with particular cybersecurity settings based on needs.

Here are some of the benefits of deploying unified endpoint management solutions:

  • Operating System version requirements
  • Password, passcode requirements
  • Prevention of installing unauthorized apps and programs
  • Find lost devices and remote wipe them
  • Virtual Private Network access
  • Push updates to operating system and apps
  • Vulnerability scanning

As you can see, these solutions play an important role in keeping your devices secured, while they keep your data safe!

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