Isn’t it annoying, always updating your devices?📱 Update operating system here, update banking app there, update your firmware (what even is firmware?) here. Didn’t your device just get some updates the other week, why does it need more already? Don’t your updates always happen at the worst times too? Like right before you’re trying to leave work for the day or right before that important business meeting. Updates are just the wor…best!😉

Why updates are the best

Yes, updates can get annoying, be time consuming, and sometimes even break your devices, but they are still the best! Most updates for our devices are free and you can typically schedule when they happen. Updates are one of the best ways you can protect your devices and your data of your small business.

Why updates are important

One of the biggest reasons why updates are so important is because they fix security vulnerabilities. This alone makes them extremely important, but there are other reasons too. Sometimes updates provide a better user experience, they can also implement useful new features, or they can allow for better customization. Maybe they are providing better battery, quicker processing power, or better connectivity. Updates can offer a lot of either behind the scenes or front stage changes, so it is important to read what the update will do.

What kind of updates are there

There are a handful of different types of updates that are important. These updates are software/application updates, hardware updates, and firmware updates.

updating your devices
updating your devices

Software/application updates: These are updates to the software installed on your device or the applications or apps installed on your devices. These can include updates for your cybersecurity solutions, business tool solutions, and operating systems, along with your social media apps, banking apps, and business tool apps. 

Hardware updates: These are updates to the physical hardware. This could mean replacing the CPU or GPU of your computer, replacing a hard drive, or replacing the entire device. Because of this, hardware updates are more expensive and happen less often than software updates, but this doesn’t mean they are any less important. Hardware updates may need to be done if the device is old. When a device is too old, they may no longer receive software or firmware updates, making them less secure. Sometimes when a device is old, the hardware is replaced as it is wearing out and no longer performing as it should, for example maybe your hard drive starts clicking and is sluggish. Hardware updates can happen for any number of reasons.

Firmware updates: These are unique software updates to specific hardware. While you may classify this under software updates, firmware is its own separate thing. FIrmware is the software that allows hardware to function. You can find firmware on your wireless routers, on your internet modem, on your computer motherboards, inside printers, installed on security cameras, and even on your smartphones. These updates are less frequent than your usual software updates and oftentimes forgotten, but firmware updates are critical to do. 

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