The Holiday Special

“Oh look at the holiday special pricing! I will buy this, this too, and also that over there! These will be great for the store.”

“I need to resupply the office with supplies for the upcoming year, let’s go check out what I can find online for cheap during the holiday special!”

Chances are you have said something like one of these two statements above during the holiday season. It is a great time to purchase items and resupply your business with all the great prices during the holiday season. Are you planning on holiday shopping for your small business? How can you protect your small business during the holiday season?

Buyers Beware

While the holiday season is a great time to purchase things for your small business, it is also a time to be skeptical of some of the amazing deals you may see. We have talked about this previously at Security Bytes, but it is always great to have a reminder.

Fake and Spoofed Websites

One of the biggest threats during this time of year is fake and spoofed websites. These are websites created to trick users into buying from them, making the user think they are at a legitimate website.

Top tips to safer online purchases:

SBBT's Top Tips for Safer Online Purchases
SBBT’s Top Tips for Safer Online Purchases
  • Verify you entered in the correct URL for the website
  • Shop at reputable websites that you are familiar with
  • Be wary of pop ups and emails offering great savings

For more information on cybersecurity for your small business check out Small Business, Big Threat for more! Happy shopping!