The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Medical World

It should not come as a surprise that poor cybersecurity planning, especially in the medical world, can negatively impact lives.

Last month ArsTechnica reported that a patient had passed after a hospital’s network was successfully hacked through a ransomware attack. The patient had to be re-routed to another hospital further away after seeking emergency medical treatment from the hospital with the compromised network. This prevented her from receiving the immediate care she required. This is just one example of how crucial of a role cybersecurity plays in the medical world.

Another example happened in 2019 as a Battle Creek doctor’s office closed their doors permanently after suffering from a ransomware attack (read more about ransomware here).

What the Medical World Consists Of

Big and small businessThe medical world consists of businesses ranging from large organizations with thousands of employees to small town doctor offices. No matter the size of the organization they all are concerned with protecting patient health and data, thus being part of the medical world.

Protect Patients through Protecting Their Data

Protecting patient dataProtecting patients’ data is actually concerned with protecting patients’ health. We typically think of protecting data fromcyber-criminals who may sell that data on the dark web. However, as the above reports suggest, it is also about patient health.

How to Protect Your Patients Data

Partner with expertsWhen it comes to protecting patient health and data, it is important to partner with experts who can implement the security needed and to properly configure it to meet the needs of the medical facility.

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