Maze Ransomware: Game Changer

July 28, 2020 - 2 minutes read

What’s Maze Ransomware?

Maze Ransomware is a unique variation of ransomware. Typically ransomware will encrypt whatever data it can find and then the hacker will request digital currency in order to unlock your data. Maze Ransomware takes this to the next level, as it steals your data along with encrypting it. Because Maze Ransomware steals your data, it puts more pressure on your small business to pay the ransom. Previously, if a business had quality and up-to-date backups, they could restore from those backups and never pay the ransom. The added threat of releasing your data if you refuse to pay increases the hacker’s chances of payment. Now cybersecurity researchers are finding other forms of ransomware following suit and doing the same thing. For an in-depth look at Maze Ransomware, checkout this article by McAfee.

How Ransomware Installs on Your Devices and Network

Ransomware is typically installed on your devices and network through social engineering attacks. These attacks typically include phishing emails with malicious links or attachments, SMSishing text messages that contain malicious links, or fake websites impersonating legitimate websites. 

How to Protect Against Ransomware

Protecting from ransomware can be a difficult task. Following these steps can help minimize an infection and assist in quicker recovery if your small business falls victim.

Minimize your risk of Ransomware

Minimize Your Risk of Ransomware

Step 1: Follow the “3,2,1 Rule”

This rule explains that you should have three copies of your data backed up. This should be as two different media formats with one copy stored at an offsite location.

Step 2: Upload Anti-Virus/Malware Solutions to Your Devices 

These should be business grade softwares, and be uploaded to your computers, servers, and mobile devices.

Step 3: Create a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

This should specifically address your business’ ransomware response.

Step 4: Train Yourself and Your Employees 

These training opportunities should specifically address the ransomware response your business will take if it does fall victim.

For more information on ransomware, check out our white paper and tipsheet. For more information on cybersecurity checkout out Small Business, Big Threat.