Windows Update Scam

As of January 15, 2020, Windows 7 is no longer receiving updates. We talked about this back in December in a previous Security Byte. Now we need to warn you about a current Windows update scam. The Better Business Bureau issued a scam alert indicating the use of scam phone calls by cyber-criminals pretending to be Microsoft employees. These cyber-criminals will call you and then inform you that you need to update your version of Windows. They will then try to convince you to either pay them for an update or ask to remote into your device to provide the update.

Unfortunately, these types of calls are all too common. They are really similar to phishing emails in how they work. Just like with phishing emails you need to ask yourself if you were expecting this phone call or was it unsolicited, are they asking for payment information, or are they asking for you to visit a website and to sign-in or click a link once there. Check out our article about staying safe online Quickly Tips for Staying Safe Online.