WhatsApp phishing for shoes

Would you like a free new pair of Adidas shoes? Does that sound like too good of a deal? Well, it is! If you are a user of WhatsApp, there is a good chance you received a message mentioning that Adidas is giving away 2,500 shoes and to click the link to claim your pair. If you receive this message, delete it and alert the contact who “sent” you the message, as their phone might be infected with malware.

As this is a popular phishing scam, you will find articles and posts, like this one, talking about it, but what if you can’t find any information in regards to a potential scam? If you are not sure it is a phishing scam, you can search for the offer in a web browser and see if any credible websites list it. Another thing to do is speak to the contact who sent you the offer and ask if they meant to send it.  You can also check the company website for the offer. Lastly, if you are not sure, do not click the link and delete the message.